Our Kennel

Oppendox Kennels was located on 10 acres in Enfield, New Hampshire, facing the Green Mountains of Vermont. My husband Keith and I fell in love with long-haired Dachshunds when we lived in Germany. We have raised and sold only AKC registered miniature, longhaired, Dachshund puppies since 1983. We take great pride in offering quality, healthy, purebred dogs and puppies with outstanding dispositions.

Welcome to the Oppendox Kennel. As you walk up to our home you immediately see our small kennel with big dog runs filled with our dogs and puppies. These are just a few pictures for you to enjoy…

This is the back entry to our home and kennel.

As you come in the back door, the small kennel stalls are on the right facing the Dachshund-sized sink for baths with a grooming/work area to the left of the sink.

These are the two kennel stalls. The entry door is to the right and the window on the left opens into the kitchen.

This view is taken from in front of the kitchen window. The half door on the right enters into the house.

There are two ramps with dog doors that come from the inside stalls into private runs. The runs are covered with indoor/outdoor carpeting for easier clean up. There is a 12-inch board between the kennels to prevent “oops” litters.

This is the run for the first kennel as you walk into the house.

This is a view of the two kennel runs taken from our back porch.

We also have a huge run for the dogs that gives them room to run, dig, play, and exercise. This view is from the porch facing to the right.

This is another view facing slightly left of the big kennel run – you can match up the tree that is beginning to turn at the bottom of the meadow. You can also see where the dogs are planning their next vacation by digging to China.

This view of the large kennel run is taken from the upstairs deck. Our neighbor rents our lower meadow for her horses. It’s wonderful to watch them graze, chase each other as they play and listen to them whinny and snort. All the pleasures of horses without the work!